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  • Constructed of soft rubberized flat PVC
  • Weighted ends give stability
  • Suitable for use on all types of surfaces



Our flexible soft rung Speed Ladders have been designed for use on all types of surface, indoors or outdoors. They are one of the most popular and widely used quickness enhancement devices on the market today, simple, versatile and suitable for all sports for the young and old.


  • Constructed using strong webbing sewn to flexible plastic rungs which deform under pressure.
  • The hard wearing 45cm wide plastic rungs spaced at 45 cm intervals form a long obstacle course guaranteed to challenge foot speed, balance, agility, and fitness.
  • The layout of the ladder teaches a continuous re-loading of the foot. Any number of sport specific movement patterns can be improved upon.
  • The wide variety of drills mean each workout can be made different and can be tailored to develop speed or aerobic conditioning.
  • Use for a warm up, balance, foot control, high-speed endurance, and controlled plyometrics.