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  • learn the correct technique of lineout lifting
  • Safe and easy to use
  • High tenacity water resistant PVC cover
  • Contains one piece high density solid foam core
  • Available in Senior & Junior sizes

European Registered Design



This multi-use, multi-user ‘Training Aid’ is for young players to learn the correct technique of lineout lifting in a safe and controlled manner. Until the development of the Pro-lift, introductory lineout training has involved novice lifters and jumpers often working against each other with poor and even undesirable outcomes.

Pro-Lift Develops

  • Timing of the Lift (lifters work together)
  • Consistent Hand positions for the lift
  • Effective use of the leg drive to provide a powerful lift
  • Ability to keep the jumper stable in air while returning to the ground with control

With the addition of the ruck pad sleeve the Pro-lift becomes a tool that can be utilised by two lifters and a hooker at the same time. Studies have shown that there is a significant difference between throwing to a fixed target and one that is rising to meet the ball. The Pro-lift is therefore a vital training aid for all aspiring hookers.

UK Manufactured

Senior - Dimensions: 137cm high x 45cm diameter (54" x 18") Weight: 20KG

Junior - Dimensions: 137cm high x 38cm diameter (54" x 15") Weight: 14KG