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  • Designed for the development of correct tackling technique
  • Constructed from heavy duty PVC covers with foam inners
  • Dimensions 40 x 17 x 80cm and weighs 3.5KG



The Centurion Tackle-Tech Shield is designed specifically and uniquely for the development of correct tackling technique. Training players use the Tackle-Tech shield to improve their ability to develop a good solid powerful body positioning when making tackles. The shield enables players to produce a tackling technique that is strong, powerful, effective, efficient and safe. 

Important Note: Shields and Pads are constructed from heavy duty PVC covers with foam inners, designed to absorb maximum impact.

The Tackle-Tech shield develops the following:

  • Powerful body position - straight back, correct hip and knee angles vital for generating power
  • Dip and hit technique
  • Close in footwork - the tackler has to get in close to the pad to tackle it correctly
  • Head positioning
  • Shoulder contact
  • Target area
  • Coaches can identify good and bad technique far more easily
  • Safety