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  • 30cm long (60cm loop) x 5mm thick
  • Lightweight & portable for travel
  • High quality 100% natural latex construction
  • Non-toxic & highly durable 



Our 64mm Mini Power Band is a multi functional professional grade strength resistance band which is smaller than the standard power bands preventing the need to fold the band to create the required tension. Designed to be used for strength, conditioning, rehab and exercise,  they are a good way to strengthen muscles and tendons during a workout. Each band is of varying widths creating different levels of resistance. Start with the lowest level of resistance and build sets and repetitions gradually.  Once the exercises become too easy, move on to the next level of resistance band.

Suitable for fitness, yoga, cardio, strength training, crossfit, calisthenics, powerlifting, bodybuilding, pilates, and physical therapy.

Colour: Purple - 300mm x 64mm x 5mm - 27 - 68kg load capacity