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Mini Rugby Staying Safe

by Leana Kell

Mini rugby is a fantastic introduction to the game of rugby for children under the age of 13. Created in 1970 in England, the game is played with a smaller ball and pitch than usual, giving youngsters the chance to get a feel for the sport and master techniques. There are three continuum stages of mini rugby in England, including mini tag rugby for under 7s and 8s, mini rugby for under 9s and 10s and midi rugby for under 11s and 12s. No tackling is allowed in mini tag rugby, just tagging, but for mini and midi rugby, tackling is part of the game.

Mini rugby might be less intense than its adult counterpart but it is still a contact sport, making protective clothing a must for all players. These are some of the essentials to kit out your child or team before they hit the pitch:


Wearing a headguard during the game is really important for youngsters and is becoming increasingly used by children from their first year in the game. One of the most important attributes to look for when buying a headguard, is to ensure that it is IRB approved. The International Rugby Board determines whether a product is suitable protection for on the pitch so make sure it has the IRB stamp of approval. Also look for a headguard with an adjustable chinstrap and tie at the back for extra comfort. Headguards with specially designed ear apertures also allow for better hearing during play.

Body Armour

When playing a contact sport like rugby, the whole body is at risk of injury during the game. Body armour provides maximum protection for the upper body without restricting movement. Body armour has strategically placed pads to provide protection in the areas you need it most. Lightweight and stretchy, body armour provides the necessary protection whilst still being comfortable and flexible enough to allow freedom of movement. Again, look for IRB approved body armour, such as our Centurion Legion Protective Top, which is suitable for all ages and skill levels.


The RFU highly recommends that mouthguards are worn by children when playing the sport. Mouthguards provide protection for the teeth, gums and jaw, giving enhanced protection against front and concussive impact. We supply OPRO Mouthguards, which is the largest mouthguard manufacturer in the world and supplies to some of the leading sports clubs in the world. Opro Mouthgaurds provide maximum protection whilst still enabling easy breathing and speech during the game.